Granny’s Finest is a conscious fashion brand with a social mission, where craft and design meet by generations that work together.

They organize craft clubs for seniors, so that they can practice their hobby together and prevent loneliness at the same time. The products, such as scarves, hats and gloves are designed by young creative talents. This way young and old learn from each other.

By working with high-quality products and a timeless design, the items last longer than one season, resulting in less waste.

I was responsible for all social media channels of Granny’s Finest, with 4051 followers on Instagram and 8402 followers on Facebook. In doing so, I determined the social media strategy per season and devised and provided the content and copy for social media. I also supported Granny’s Finest in art direction, creation and website optimization. 

Credits photography: Campaign photography by ROSSI & BLAKE – Interior photos by Machteld Bunskoek – Stills by Lieke Janssen