Hi! I’m Saskia: sustainable Art director, Social media specialist and Designer. I like to know what’s happening in the world, explore what’s trending and become happy of concepts that fit exactly to what’s needed for tomorrow to move people into a better direction and a better world.

I studied graphic design for 4 years in Utrecht, followed by 4 years advertising at the Willem De Kooning Art academy Rotterdam + a half year at Otis College in Los Angeles USA, where I learned surfing and advertising at the same time. Graduated as Bachelor of Arts with a speciality in brand identity.

With 8 years of experience as digital communication creative I work(ed) for agencies like Woedend Amsterdam, Cloudfactory Amsterdam, Premium inc. Rotterdam and Branding a Better World, and companies like Greenpeace, World Climate & Health Alliance, Heineken, Weleda, The Food Line-Up, Unilever food solutions and Greenchoice. I can help you out with creative campaign concepts, social media strategies and creative content and design. From illustration till creative copy, from design till strategy, I’m happy to help!

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