Unmask my City

The Global Climate and Health Alliance is exposing how the current Climate Emergency is a global health emergency from London to Bengaluru. For the COP25 they have shared a series of 6 city infographics (illustrated by me) who unmask the health problems and solutions from city to city. Health professionals have been pushing for more funds to fight airpollution, monitoring the air quality, more cycling paths, renewables and no-traffic zones. Check out more at unmaskmycity.org

Did you know that: • >77% of Bengaluru’s population breaths Air pollution which is linked to Climate Change? • Salt Lake City has some of the US worst air quality during the winter? 😳❄️⁣ • Belgrade is 1 of the world’s top 10 most polluted cities and hosts 2 of Europe’s dirtiest coal plants? • In Fresno 1 in 6 children suffers from Asthma? • 83% of UK reporting zones are showing illegal levels of air pollution? • Sofia has the 3rd highest mortality rate from air pollution in the world?

Client: Global Climate & Health Alliance

For this project I was responsible for the concept, illustration and design of the infographics.