9x Dutch Fashion Labels

We selected some of our favorite fashion labels with a special mission, sustainable and fair.

1. Lease a Jeans with MUD

Ever heard of leasing a pair of jeans? We neither, but it sounds perfect if you like to keep your denim up to date. MUD Jeans is a Dutch circular denim brand. They like to see your jeans back after use to recycle them! Nothing to wear with your leased jeans? Try on the feel good sweater, made of 84% reycled denim. Get into the MUD on http://www.mudjeans.eu

2. 3D printed with love from Yuma

Meet Yuma from belgium, 3D printed sunglasses from bamboo, fridges and dashboards. Tired of your sunglasses? Swap your Yuma’s and receive a new pair, so they can recycle the precious materials and they don’t go to waste. Support Yuma at kickstarter and be the first to join the yuna movement in summer 2017! https://www.weareyuma.com/about/

3. Less is more at Joline Jolink

Step into the world of Joline Jolink where less is more, the prices are realistic, the materials sustainable and the production fair. She designes, develops and produces under her own terms, so the proces is always crystal clear. There is a big flagship store in Rotterdam, but you can also shop online at https://www.jolinejolink.com/

4. A Fashion Library

An endless clothing closet with the latest fashion is probably every girls dream, but not very sustainable or affordable. With Lena The Fashion Library in Amsterdam, this becomes reality without actually owning that much clothing. Choose the perfect party outfit or a wintercoat for the cold season, and return it when you’re ready for your next outfit. Going to a library has never been this fashionable! Get your subscription at http://www.lena-library.com

5. People’s Avenue for everyone

Take a walk to people’s Avenue from Amsterdam. People’s Avenue produced a young and playfull fashion line from organic cotton with a price that makes it accessible for everyone. They are also one of the first companies that uses a fully enclosed recycling system in which 98% of the used water is being recycled. We’re hot for the Chili pepper sweater, but also check out the rest of the collection on http://www.peoplesavenue.com/collections/women-sweaters/women

6. Curtain coats with Wintervacht

It doesn’t get any more dutch than with Wintervacht, where you can wrap yourself in blankets from sheep wool. Dutch Designers Yoni van Oorsouw and Manon van Hoeckel have been creating fashionable coats (and nice headbands too!) from old blankets and curtains, giving new life to textile that otherwise would go to waste. Check out http://wintervacht.nl/

7. A Story That Suits

Bringing together Dutch design with authentic African print fabrics and the true craftsmanship of their tailors in Rwanda, Afriek combines the best of both worlds in their products. All of their blazers are made in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Afriek makes you aware of what you wear and where it came from. Read the story of Afriek and meet their Craftsman at http://afriek.com

8. Fun with Studio Jux

Studio JUX (JUX means fun in german) is a sustainable and fairtrade designer brand from Amsterdam. According to studio JUX, fashion should be fun: for you as the consumer, for the designer and for the manufacturer. Everything from the Studio Jux colllection is made in their own factory in Kathmandu, Nepal, together with women empowerment projects. Go for some guilt-free goods to their store at the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam or meet the staff from Nepal at https://studiojux.com/pages/handshake

9. Granny’s Finest

Designed by the new and handmade by the best, at Granny’s Finest Rotterdam they prevent lonelyness by organising weekly handknitting clubs. Young talent develops patterns for fashion and interior, in collaboration with grannies who have the experience and knowledge. In this way you have a unique handmade product made from natural and sustainable yarn, but it also makes it possible for the Grannies to keep knitting together. Get your finest at https://www.grannysfinest.com/over-grannys-finest/